Long Road To Phreeekville

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    Long Road To Phreeekville

    Training Experience: 2+ years
    Goals: Put on some serious LBM and do some experiments with AAS to see what works for me
    AAS experience: 1 year

    Im keeping this log for myself to track my progress and maybe help some other people not make the same mistakes as i do or help them make the right decision. the drug part of this log will get pretty extensive the longer it goes so if you have something to say like i don't have enough experience or something along those lines that is trying to deviate me towards my plan and goals please keep your comments to yourself. Any comments that are aimed toward helping me would be greatly appreciated and welcomed. ill be keeping track of drugs, diet, and training here.

    So lets start off with the drugs that are going to be used

    -400-1000mg test-e
    -400 tren-e (May crank it up as high as 1gram later to see what i can handle)
    -100-200mg proviron ED
    -400-1000mg mast
    -450 Deca
    -3-5 iu HGH ED
    -Ghrp6 250mcg and cjc-1295 100mcg no dac 3 times daily (wakeup , post workout, bedtime.)
    -IGF-1 DES 50mcg split bilaterally 30 min after ghrp-6 and cjc-1295 post WO pin(workout days only)
    -12.5mg exemestane ED
    -.5 mg caber twice weekly

    I'm not going to start my cycle using all of these compounds at once so ill start introducing new ones when i feel its time. So as of this first week ill be using 800mg tren-e and 800mg(front loading) of test-e then drop back down to 400mg of both next week. i started 3-17-14

    Diet is not the greatest right now i just got back from vacation and just got some time today to prep all my food so ill be back on track tomorrow . As for now my diet has looked something like this.
    -50 g whey and 3/4 cup oats blended
    -chipotle burrito bowl double meat 2-3 times a day( i was busy working)
    -40g whey 30g waxy maize before and after workout
    -4 whole eggs 8 egg whites.

    here are starting pictures just got back from vacation and no diet for 2 weeks
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