Hi all,

I'm pretty much a beginner when it comes to the gym and working out, although I have dabbled in and out of it for the last 2 years I have decided to sign up to the gym (5 weeks ago) and so far have just pretty much "tested" each of the equipment to get use to it and use it properly! Due to the gyms equipment its hard to follow said routines that I find online so I made up my own one and was wondering if someone here could give me their views on it.

I'm 23, slim and my goal is to bulk up and build muscle somewhere in between these two:

http://www.kinobody.com/workouts-and...-developement/ (The Superhero Section) Sort of like a greek god physique.

So far in the gym I am currently doing 5x5 (2 sets Medium, 2 sets hard and 1 set max) on the machines that are there (I will list the machines shortly)

The routine that I'm sort of following and plan to follow is as follows:

Monday (GYM):

10 Min Cardio (Rowing)

5x5 Peck Deck Machine
5x5 Kneeling DB Press
5x5 Wide Grip Lat Pull Down
5x5 Chest Press Machine
5x5 Bench Press DB

30 min swimming

Tuesday (Home)

5x5 Squat
5x5 DB Bench Press
5x5 Barbell Row

Wednesday (GYM)
10 Min Cardio
5x5 Leg Curl
5x5 Leg Extension
5x5 Leg Spread Machine 1 (Sitting)
5x5 Leg spread machine 2 (Legs out infront)
Weighted Lunges
30 mins swimming

Thursday (Home)
5x5 Squat
5x5 Overhead Press
1x5 Deadlift

Friday (GYM)
10 Min Cardio
5x5 Bicep Curl
5x5 Hammer Curl
5x5 Tricep Exercise (DB Extension / Cable Extension)
5x5 Cable Upright Row
5x5 Shoulder Press
30 min Swimming

5x5 Squat
5x5 DB Bench Press
5x5 Barbell Row

Please note that this is not the actual routine im following as such but more of an idea of something I could follow, I do however do the 5x5 at the gym on machines for now to get myself use to the machines.

If I followed this black and white would this be over training my body? Is doing 5x5 something that will head me towards my goal?

The machines at the gym I go to are as follows:

Peck Deck Machine - Chest Press Machine - Cable Pull Down Machine - Mixed Cable Machine - Leg Extension Machine - Leg Curl Machine - 2x machines that work your inner legs (Groin) - Shoulder Press Machine - Cardio (Rowing, Treadmill, X trainer, Bikes) - and Dumbells / Barbells

I understand the machines are not the way forward as the prefer method is the free weights however due to the size of the gym its hard to focus just on the free weights as they are usually in use

Any information will be much appreciated.

Thank you