I currently on TRT with the use of Test Cyp weekly. It turns out that it would be significantly cheaper for me to place a moderate size order with jintani as my insurance does not cover very much of my TRT costs. I am not looking to cycle or anything, just looking to continue my TRT in a cost effective manner. I have heard nothing but good things about Jintani oils so I think this may be a real possibility

My question is:

What would be considered a risky order size as far as customs into the US is concerned?

I am looking to maybe get 10 x (10ml) vials of test cyp. This would be good for about 3 years. As someone who has never done this before I am naturally worried about the legal ramifications of said order. Any relevant advise and tips are welcome. Please feel free to delete this post if this sort of question is not allowed. Thanks.