Alright everyone I am going to ask this. I hope we get some great replies so we have some useful information we won't forget. Now, you always hear about the typical first cycle of the average steroid user. What does it normally consist of. We have all read it plenty of times its usually 500mg of testosterone a week for 12 weeks. People typically gain 20lbs if they train and eat half way decent. The main thing is they have to eat enough. The huge increase in testosterone is sure to pack on muscle mass, and water weight. Thats just how it is and thats why its a great first cycle so you get the feel for injecting and the feel for what AI's you need. Its just a good first cycle to start. My question is this. What cycle did you gain the most on. Was it your first cycle? Did you do something differently along down the line to get even better more solid gains?

Mine was
1200mg a week of testosterone enanthate
500mg a week of trenbolone enanthate
600mg a week of masteron enanthate
6 iu's a daily of Blue top HGH

This just happens to be a staple cycle of mine. Sometimes this is a cycle I run all year round. Once I noticed how much weight I gained, the muscle definition that I built, and how strong I felt this is my staple cycle. My first cycle was 500mg a week of testosterone. I gained in the beginning range of 20+ lbs. I gained maybe 10-15lbs here and there and change my body comp. When I ran the cycle about I gained another 20lbs of solid muscle with more definition than I ever had. So tell me about whats the most you have gained on cycle. Was it your first cycle or did you do something better on down the line to gain even more?