Hey what's up

I am currently taking
500mg test enanthate per wk
1050mg tren ace per wk
5iu hgh per day (5on2off)
50mcg t3 per day
25mg Exemestane per day (switched from letro 2.5mg per day to this today cuz it was hurting sex drive and I just started seeing a girl)
0.5mg caber 2x week Mon&thurs
75mg Raloxifene per day(gyno)
20iu pre workout insulin (novolin-r)
100mcg igf-1 lr3 post

I am usin the hgh 2.5iu in am when wake up and 2.5iu late afternoon. I switched my training routine to:

Mon chest delta triceps
Wed back biceps
Friday legs calves
Sat arms

I was gonna switch my hgh to 10iu post workout m,w,f only. Along with 100mcg igf-1 lr3 post workout only.

So pre workout
20iu novolin-r insulin

Post workout
10iu hgh (m,w,f only)
100mcg igf-1 lr3 m,w,f,sat post only.

What's your guys opinions, feedback, or comments on this idea?

&thanks in advance