Hey guys, Ive read this forum for a couple of years, made an account but never kept up with it. Im gonna try to change that. Little bit about me first off

I was morbidly obese all of my life up until I turned 17. I needed to lose weight to apply to Annapolis and I did but very stupidly. I began by basic weight training, no diet. I plateaued fast. then I began running to and fro school and lifting so about 9 miles a day. I lost quite a bit but hit another plateau. Things went bad. I went anorexic for 4 months losing 65 more pounds. My parents were concerned and had everything tested. My hormone levels were fucked. I was placed on trt, began eating better, and training better. 18 months later began using AAS to add muscle (bad decision). Cycled on and off for 2 years until now. I have decided to come entirely off AAS and TRT ASAP. My endo is fully on board. She has me one extensive PCT.

223 LBS
10-13% BF
21 years old