I have been a customer of BR for a while, always ran his Rips at 6+ ius. I was happy with the results so kept ordering until they weren't available. I never go of Gh or anabolics for that matter, so BR hooked me up with some Nordi pens. 2 words. Holy shit! At 3iu, They blow the doors off rips at 6iu. I don't care what tests say, but rips give a completely different look than nordis. Strength,"3d look", and abs are way more chiseled. Mentally, also not as tired although I gotta say, physically, my hands feel way more swollen on the nordis. I'm not saying his rips suck and I talk to BR quite often bc I'm a crack whore when it comes to gh, and they are good. But nordis are amazing and can't wait to blast some genos next

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