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Sdmz 3.0+Formeron bulk

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    Sdmz 3.0+Formeron bulk

    4 week on cycle
    Sdmz 3.0 2 caps a day
    Formerone 2 pumps a day

    One week before cycle I loaded up with L-Dopa and 1 pump Formeron
    Because I am gyno prone. I know sdmz says it dosnt aroma to e but I am better safe than sorry.

    Also I am taking A.I. Life support, opti-men, msm+glucosamine and fish oil+d-3.

    Pct is torem

    I will do my best to log my diet
    3000cals min
    165g protein min
    250carbs min
    grams fat idk

    Im 6'1"-6'2"
    Starting at 165lbs
    Bf is around 9% I think
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