Black Lion Research introduces a supplement that changes the way we look at performance enhancing supplements.

-Serious increases in strength and serious potential for muscle mass gain.

-Follidrone will not test positive on any test for natural competitors or competitive athletes.

-Follidrone causes changes that are associated with a healthier and longer lifespan, including improved skeletal muscle stress output, reduced systematic inflammation markers and serum LDL cholesterol.

-Follidrone increases angiogenesis 30-50% which in turn increases blood flow as well as oxygen and nutrient transport into muscle tissues.

-Follidrone imitates the effects of endurance training as well as making endurance training more effective. Use of Follidrone can lead to significant increases in treadmill performance (∼50%) and enhanced in situ muscle fatigue resistance (∼30%).

-Follidrone increases follistatin levels. Follistatin is an antagonist to myostatin which inhibits excessive muscle growth. A study has also shown that increased levels of follistatin leads to increased muscle mass. Follistatin is part of the inhibin-activin-follistatin axis. Follistatin is an Activin binding protein. In the tissues activin has a strong role in cellular proliferation, thereby making follistatin the safeguard against uncontrolled cellular proliferation and also allowing it to function as an instrument of cellular differentiation. Both of these roles are vital in tissue rebuilding and repair.
In addition, increased follistatin levels combined with a lack of myostatin DOUBLED MUSCLE GROWTH.

Study results regarding Follidrone ingredients

Animals with reduced myostatin

Follodrone decreases Myostatin levels 49%+ as well as increasing markers of muscle growth. Myostatin is a secreted growth differentiation factor that is a member of the TGF beta protein family that inhibits muscle differentiation and growth in the process known as myogenesis. Myostatin is produced primarily in skeletal muscle cells, circulates in the blood and acts on muscle tissue, by binding a cell-bound receptor called the activin type II receptor. Reductions in myostatin = increased muscle mass and strength.

Follidrone Increases strength dramatically and quickly.
Treatment for 7 days yielded a bilateral increase in hand strength of 7%, which was accompanied by a significant decrease (-49%) in myostatin.

In addition our internal testers reported serious strength gains including-
-100lb increase in Deadlift in 4 days
-20lbs per arm on DB incline press in 10 days.
-6 inch gain on vert jump to 53 inches.
-one user compared the strength increase to halotestin.
Increases in mass were also reported by our internal testers including 10lbs weight gain in 10 days with what appears to be 0 BF% increase.
Users have also been reporting significant physique changes. Harder, leaner, and overall larger.