Hello everyone in the IMF community!! My name is Jay, and I have been a "part" of these forums and the community in general for roughly two years now admittedly, I am not the best at navigating forum to forum, and have mainly used a plethora of boards/forums to gather the first hand experience and knowledge of the vet's at forums all around the internet over the past 2 years, mainly reading, then reading some more. I chose to just listened, before I start to open my mouth and spit nonsense that I do not have great experience in. I truly value this community as well as even other boards I have come across, and I must say that I have learned a lot of information throughout.

It's easy to see without but a moment of homework to find that many forums have specific agenda's, specific mods/admins catering to the paid sponsor's, and rather than being a free uncensored community I often find a lot of info. that is rattled with information catering and showing a great deal of bias circulating to no more than the vendor's paying the sums to keep a board on forums.

The reason I have always respected IMF is that there are a wealth of vet's here that are truly here to offer a new guy just about everything possible one could ask for; Dieting training, FAQ on AAS, and even a great search function so you can actually SEARCH! instead of asking the same question that was addressed 52 weeks straight out of the last year each week by someone new! At the same time, I see everyone willing to help regardless who needs advice or information, and I have always felt that this community has pointed me in the best of directions regarding where to find the most legit people to know, and I just wanted to thank IMF for giving me that capability.

Anyways, I feel though starting my 2nd cycle here in the next month, that I am more than capable at this point to not only help other true newbies, but I feel as though I am certainly ready to feel without fear that any questions I still have can ask *valid* and questions that will bring value to the community that possibly other people would like to read, rather than just information that has circulated over and over, although I do not look down upon those, I actually am very grateful that people here are still willing to answer questions asked over and over, just for the health and safety of a new member that maybe doesn't understand how to navigate the search bar

Anyways, I'm actually a pretty small guy. 5'9", 160lbs, 11-12% B.F. at the moment. Despite trying to avoid the "newbie mistakes" that are so evident to a lot of new users, despite the WEALTH of knowledge and MASS data on everything being spoon fed to me by self-learning based off of the posts and countless threads I read before my first AAS cycle, admittedly I even screwed that up..

My first cycle (7-7.5 months ago) was the following:
2 10ML GP Test-E
1 10ML Org. Sust
1 5ML Gen-Shi Test-E (was given free)
2 HCG Pregnyl 5000ui / Bac stat H20 mixed 1 at a time, until the first amp was used
16 week cycle

schedule: M/T pin, 250mg/ea, 500mg Test-E wk 1-10
Org sust 250 M/T pin, 500mg/wk 11-15
Gen-Shi- Used it for week 11 until sust 250 came in locally. Didn't even use 5ML of it, didn't like it compared to GP.
HCG- Started week 2 through 16 @ 250ui x 2 = 500ui/wk. @ week 15 I upped dosage to use the remainder in wk 15-16 of the 2nd 5000ui i had on hand.

Results: Good, Bad, and Ugly. Yes, I admit without any pride in the air, this was not the best first cycle, BUT, it was because of me.

My history:

I am 24 years old. I use to train very hard in HS, playing several sports and working very hard in the gym 3x a day. This was through age 15-18, and i continued lifting into College, and slowed down and stopped at Age 20.

I actually purchased Balkan Test-E / PCT/Anti-E's @ Age 22, but upon receiving I did not feel as though I was ready in the least. I kept it on hand, eventually moved, and to this damn day can't find any of it and still believe it's in my parents storage locker sitting!! Several 10ML Balkan Vials, and other goods I wish to not even name out of shame and anger I lost these great products!

So fast forward, and at the beginning of 23yrs of age, I started lifting again. I ran into an opiate problem at the Q3 @ age 21, due to legitamate pain pills that the doctor had me on until I turned 23. This is what kept me from cycling, as I wanted to have no foreign chem's in my body that could possibly distract me from a VERY closely monitored first cycle, one that I could know how I reacted to with a clean body free of any chemicals, and such. So, to make my long boring and "nobody cares" story short, I basically chose to relieve myself of all of the pills doctors would throw at me despite the fact that my minor injury had been completely healed for several months. I put it to a dead stop, and even got major withdrawals that I didn't expect to experience, but It was the best thing that could have ever happened to me.

What I didn't realize though, is that upon coming off of these meds I had been on for over a year, my body was very weak, I lost so much weight, and wasn't even ready as I once was. Proper age now, proper information/understanding of what needs and doesn't need to be done, and had all the tools for my first simple Test-only cycle. So, at a meager 140lbs (yes, i know) I quit the drugs, and naturally (without lifting) found myself gain 12 lbs, at 152lbs. I started lifting regularly again, for several months, and worked my way up to 160lbs completely naturally aside from Vitamins/Glutamine/etc.
when i started my first cycle
Roughly seven months ago, I chose to begin my first cycle with the aforementioned gear, all from NAPS.
GP test E 10ML (x2)
Gen-She Test-E 5ML (x1)
HCG 5,000ui Pregnyl (x2)
Bac static water
GP Nolva (x2 pouches)
GP A-dex (x1 pouch)
GP clomid (x2 pouch)
---18g draw, 22/23g pin, generally IM @ glutes for AAS
---29-30g slin pin @ 250ui Sub-Q in the belly @ 500/wk
PCT: 40/40/20/20 Nolva
(*= I didn't go the 4th week on the Clomid. I should have. But I certainly gained all of my Sex drive/Blood level returned well.)

Here was my issue- I kept my gear at a separate place than I did my own home, b/c my rude apartment complex barges in at their pleasing, and I have found twice now entrance and theft of my girlfriend's purse/wallet/etc, and a second entry in which things of my own were missing. I also knew it was the apartment, was it was my first 2 months there, and other than my g/f, had not let a single soul know where i lived. (I later changed my locks to Brincks (sp?) to dis-allow entrance by employment/staff without my presence.

Why am i telling you all this? well, here's why.

@ approx 160-165lbs, 17-18% B.F. I chose to be stubborn and start the above cycle, knowing what to so and what not to do, keeping just one compound (GP TEST-E) and see my reactions. The Sust wasn't planned, btw, I got it free so of course my stupid self chose to ntegrate it after the GP test ended. I know these all all mistakes.

The middle of the 3rd week i was recognizing both enormous strength gains, and I was looking the best I had in my entire life. I was bloated, but I was vascular, and the self-confidence was through the room, and I am the most humble of people there are.

By the end of the 6th or 7th week, I was an astounding 202lbs, following the advice of the best diet trainer's available to us, as well as all of the advice I found on this website. Unfortunately, as smart as I thought I was, and knowing some do not even use it, I made a major mistake.

Due to leaving most of my gear outside my residence, i ritually just knew M/T I would go and pin, and leave. The isssue? Somehow my mind was so wrapped up in Diet, training, sleep, health, cardio, etc., somehow..just somehow, I forgot to take any form of Anti-E (my A-dex I chose to take 0.25 EOD, and up to 0.5 EOD if sides did not diminish)...... I was so stupid and caught up in everything else going on, It wasn't until I believe my 7th week I noticed my left pick was twice the size (literally) as my right. I was scared SHITLESS. First cycle, and realizing that I did everything against what i was told, one simple stupid mistake.

I immediately took 1mg A-dex, followed by 0.5mg the following day, and while it did significantly shrink, It would not go away. From this point, it's a blue, I mainly shut down. I was very upset. I know how E2 in the body and est. sides can make continuing test useless as they wont bind to the receptors, and was at a loss for what I should do. I waited for 2 weeks, planning to start my PCT and just end it....Unfortunately for me, after maybe a week and a half, I just couldn't stop what I had accomplished to lose it. So, I stumbled (quite literally) upon a friend with an extra sust 250 vial, who kinda pushed me to keep going and disregarding any E2 level's i may have had, to finish out where I was. So, i did. Instead of heavy lifting, I did the opposite. I chose to use this to get cut. I know that my body fat % was an evil, @ 18% BF and now major estro sides, that about the only thing to do to lower E2 levels- 1) Wait it out few+ months 2) Lower your BF. So, I finished the 10ML sust, mainly doing legs/cardio/ etc. A lot of cardio.

I was no longer eating at all. My mind was too immature, focusing on leaning myself out and prompting the E sides in my head to dimish as quickly as possible with the intent to begin another cycle with a lower B.F. and a more refined less bloated look using my AI correctly the next time around.
I finished the Sust., maintaining the HCG all the way throughout. One memory I would have even throughout the cycle is that it *always* seemed that the TestE/Sust would only show the major signs of gyno POST a HCG shot a day or so after. Admittedly with shame in my face and typing now, I still would forget for a week at a time to take the damn A-dex! What the hell was wrong with me?!

Anyways- At the end of all of this---17.0% body fat, 185lbs.
2 weeks after pin- Began the PCT of my SERM (Nolva) and the Clomid.
====-----Stabalized @ 170lbs after all of this.

For the last 7 months, 100% free of even vitamins, just natural eating lightly, and healthy, and a lot of cardio, crunches, sit-ups, etc. (no heavy lifting) my main goal was to lower my body fat to 12%, wait several mines, and start fresh and damnit, do it the right way.

While I knew (truly, im not arrogant or what you may call it, I truly did know what was right, what was wrong, and did my homework) what I did right, what i did wrong, this time I wanted to go from learning, to being obsessive and learn every aspect of training, leaving the gear LAST in my knowledge. So I spend this time learning about my dieting looking forward to my next cycle, proper training techniques and regimes for each day inside the gym, and a VERY specific look into exactly what compounds would be taken, each week, and make sure to follow them to a T.

Today I sit at 160lbs-165lbs, today i checked and I am 42lb's less than I was at the height and bottom (heh) of my 1st Test only cycle. I have lowered my body fat percentage 6%, and it has been over a 180 days since PCT has concluded.

I am now in the midst of my 2nd cycle. I truly have done more than enough research since then, often spending 5 hours+ each night, every night since, learning from the VETS and AMAZING people that make this community possible. For the first time, I feel like I have a true grasp of ALL of the aspets surrounding what it takes to actually use AAS properly, and as we all know, the gear comes last. Diet/Training/Health/>>>>>Gear, is how I look at expecting to perform at my best.

I'm just stuck where I am at. Where do I go with this next cycle? Of course, after reading my honest post above, most of you will likely say that I don't need AAS, and that I am too small at this point to consider it...As you even know more, people are going to do what is set in their mind regardless, so If you could give me the respect of at least giving me the *best* advice you have knowing I WILL be using AAS, placing my order this week, could i ask your opinions on what I should do?

I feel like GP Test-E is wonderful. I love it. However, I do see that the Org sust 270 is likely 50% off next weeks product of the week, and it has got me really stuck on considering that route.

Also, can i have unbiased straight up opinions--- Am I ready to stack this compound yet? I know, considering I was just 100% honest, probably sound like such a n00b that nobody would EVER tell me to stack Test even, please know my post was admitting with embaressment exactly what i did wrong, how I understood what I did wrong, and how many months I have taken to further my knowledge and have done everything I am suppose to do to prepare myself for the best cycle I can perform next, and without doubt, my time is now.

What are my goals:

This is where I am having the hardest time trying to decide where I want to go from here. I certainly need to gain weight, which is very easy for me once I just start eating like a horse on-cycle @ 4k calories 40/40/20 style. I will know for certain just in the amount of food intake increase (that I am starting Monday) throughout starting and ending cycle, I will gain 10lbs alone.

Remember, I have been on a major diet, losing as much BF% as possible, to start this next cycle with levels back to A+, and with body fat being 12%, rather than the 18-18.5% of the firsttime.

I want to GAIN strength, I want to be vascular, and I want to remain @ the same BF% that I am now.

What I cannot decide for myself, is IF I WERE to add a compound such as a 17-a, I am not sure at this point If I want to BULK or CUT. I obviously want to BULK, as my target weight would be perfect @ 200lbs, and believe me or not, I actually did hit 202.4lbs on my last cycle, albeit some water retention, I have pictures, and the sheer muscle size I picked up was unmatched with ANY type of size change (positive) that I had ever seen in my lifetime. I felt amazing, on top of the earth. It was the best feeling of my life. My confidence went from 1 to 9. I was a new person, and believe me, depression hit like a MF when I got such bad gyno and realizing how bad i messed up my E2. It was weird..I never saw the "nipple irritation" as the beginning signs of gyno. My left pick was just fricken huge. It happened like a snap, fine all the way, then just out of nowhere, BAM!. (remember, i had ZERO anti-E in my body at this time due to my mistakes, even though I had packets unopened.)

What do i do guys?

I want to BULK, but I know I can't do that without water retention/being fat, especially because I lost my winter Bulk > follow-up with a cutting cycle, for the perfect summer. My goals are to look ripped by late June, July, and the clock is ticking.

I know you guys will all shake your head, but:

I wish i would have just went with the damn ANDROMIX that was offered just several weeks back, with the Mast/Tren/Test combination. That is probably overkill for a 2nd cycle, but those are the exact items that I feel I am looking for, I say this just to get an idea of what I want to look like.

Think of Brad Pitt in "Fight Club" or "Snatch" with just a bit more muscle. My abs are something that I truly want to define, as I naturally have look of a 6-pack, albeit very undefined and week, it is there, and I can tell that if I worked those correctly, I would love to at the very least gain lean mass and just have a ripped core 3 months from now.

Feel open to bash, hate, given advice, tell me how stupid i am, tell me how you applaud my honesty, whatever. Just know everything here is honest, and I am actually going on the age of 25. These are my exact stats to date, and 100% of what I have said here is truth.

I don't care about what I hear, you guys are the creators, inventors, experimenters, and the best guys in the world that will give it to me as they see it, not as i want to hear it. All I request is to keep yourself in the mindframe: I AM GOING TO BE RUNNING AAS, ordering in the next week. So, feel free to bash/tell me i shouldn't if for some need out of my post (you probably wont read all the way through, since i blabber so much!) and my honestly, I would respectfully ask you to give me ADVICE ON GEAR assuming I AM going to be running gear, after you tell me that I shouldn't.

I just respect every one of you so much, and even if you tell me your mind, or whatever it may be, please guys; I have nobody in my life other than the internet that tells me every answer under the sun. I know the basics, and a little more at this point in my reading, I just can't make up my mind based on my stats.