Hey guys,

I just wanted to take a quick minute to talk about our fellow sponsors and how SOME of the members of this board try to rip them off....they feel they can get away with getting free products or having their order resent, because of the lack of English they speak. The customer goes back and forth with the sponsor in hope that the sponsor will just give up and send a few more bottles or possibly another order. I have seen this happen MANY times with my own eyes, and I have even read where some guys were boasting about how they got free gear and such.

And yes, I'm mostly talking about WP here. The man is one of the hardest working men that I know....he works his ass off and has minimal team members. He does 90% of the work all on his own. He does have partners in other parts of the wold if you order certain things HE does not carry locally.

In a long story short, I have had him as a sponsor on many of the boards that I used to own and work on. He started getting a trend of people stating that they did not get their xanax. That happens when you deal with junkies. I told him to only offer it to customers that have spent a good $500-$1000 on AAS before they are allowed to do so. I heard a guy in my GYM that said he was going to get some test prop from WP....AND NOT PAY FOR IT!! Yep, that's what he said. I asked if you had a special relationship wit WP.....he said, "no, I just bitch a few times and he sends me shit". I flipped my shit when I heard this and almost made him swallow a plate as if it was a tic tack.

Those of you who try and scam WP should damn well be ashamed of yourselves. The man has been in this business for at lease 1/2 dozen years....he's not going to risk it all on some xanny head or two lousy bottles. A line has to be drawn. YES...it was I who told him not to resend shit without a customs letter. Man works his fuckn ass off and does all he can to make everyone a happy customer....than you have others that try to take advantage of his kindness. Like I said, I worked with him for many many years....and he is not going to risk his business over a pack of xanax or a couple bottle of oil.

I'm not pointing ANY fingers here at anyone....so please don't PM me or ask me to get involved in a situation that is ongoing. I have worked with WP on several occasions, and with all the right paperwork and money trails, we have always come to a conclusion and understanding. But like that fucker at my GYM who said he's going to get some free gear from WP by just complaining a few times....those of you you who are like him should all rot away. Those of you being honest....my hat comes off to you for being sheer gentlemen.