Evolution peptides just sent me some bottles of ghrp-2 and cjc1295 no dac to log. I am very appreciative for the opportunity, especially since I am a broke bastard these days.

This is my second run of GHRP-2 and CJC1995 no dac. I feel that I know what to expect from it. Towards the end of my last cut, I pushed to hard and shut my body's metabolism down. I wasn't making gains in the gym and I wasn't losing weight. I was actually getting weaker with each workout. So, I started stuffing my face with anything and everything I wanted to eat. The plan mostly worked. My strength gains came back, but so did my gut.

I am ready to start round two of my cut to finish what I started. I will upload starting pictures tonight. I also plan to be more detailed in my diet logging. Training is on point, but diet needs to be worked on. I tend to restrict calories too much when I start making progress on my fat loss.

I'm looking forward to logging these products. So, here goes.