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Switched source for AMA but...

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    Switched source for AMA but...

    My main source has always been really good to me. I would've never decide to try a new source out if what i was looking for- was in stock with my old source. So anyhow i decided to give AMA a go from hearing all but good things about them. Its been 4 days since I ordered and haven't gotten any emails back or pm's or anything. I sent pm's , emails , checked order status , checked funds status and got no words back. Order still shows pending, but the transfer was picked up. Now like i said before, all the good things peeps said of AMA made me decide to give them a try but commonly i would stick to my main source since things are always great with them and their stuff being 10 out 10. Is this how Ama do things? Wondering because i havent heard a word since. Any input ?
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