On my fourth cycle. Middle aged, been training for three decades. First cycle was in middle age already.

Recently, I took 18 months off of gear.

Lifted hard, ate correctly, but results were . . . eh . . . At best I kept a little of what the gear provided, but I could not lean up for anything even when doing cardio and could not put on anymore size.

So, in frustration, I started another cycle.

600 test/ 300 npp a week.

Feels awesome. That is, however, only as high as any of my previous cycles.

Recently, at the urging of heavyiron, I upped the doses to 900 test / 400 NPP . . .

My experience of lifting naturally and on gear, both low doses and high doses, while keeping diet and training correct, is that, oh, it is most definitely the gear, and I am starting to think that gains truly are dose dependent as well.

Even during a week when I came down sick on this cycle and just played around in the gym, one or two sets per body part, backing the weight off, I continued to grow. The gear kept me growing even when I was just fiddling with the weights.

I also seem to be visibly leaning out on the higher doses even as the scale continues to climb well past any previous bodyweight I have ever attained AND I have stopped doing cardio for several weeks now.

Explain that?

Its the gear.

Makes me want to do even more . . .