Wife and I just found out that the wife is pregnant!! How is this relevant to the AAS zone forum you ask? Well I've been on straight trt without stop for many many years, with some nice cycles throughout. In fact, around the time of conception, i was running 500mg test e with 400mg deca/npp and 40mg dbol (ed) :P And tren and deca, which are major offenders of nasty shutdowns, are no strangers to my cycles by any means...

Also, my first boy was conceived after about 2 yrs of straight trt. The crazy thing is we had no problem at all both times, literally within the first month or two she was off the pill and bam-- little fucker on the way!

I hope this serves as inspiration to those guys hoping to be dads who are worried by the frequent comments that AAS fuck up your sperm and prevent you from conceiving. While there may be some truth to that, it is not something you can generalize, at least not to the extremes. I am living testament. And yes, my boys look just like me and not the mailman, so no funny business there... Anyway, wife and I are ecstatic. We didnt really expect this so soon, particularly because i've been a little heavy-handed on some of my last cycles..:P

We will welcome another future IMF member soon!

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