Hey guys as time goes on I'll continue to leave my input, and that's what makes this a review in progress. I'll start at day one and go on from there.

Day 1 - Did .7ml tren ace in left pec and 1ml tren suspension(Androxine) in right pec. Had a little bite going in but nothing serious. Flowed out like water...aha literally.
Pinned 45 min pre workout and actually felt some increased aggression in the gym! Haha wasn't expecting much on day 1 but this tren suspension stuff is legit. I mean nothing serious but had a more rage in my state of mind than usual...feeling good about this compound. Plus a full 24 hours later I have completely no pip in both my pecs - unbelievable for a first time pinning there(maybe working the muscle after pinning it helped disperse it??) Will keep these spots as part of my ed rotation for sure.

More updates to come as time goes on....the fun is just beginning!

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