What's up brothas and sisters hope all is well with everyone ill cut to the chase.
Current stat 5 11" 25yr old 204lb 2 solid cycles under my belt done (test, eq, var)

likely the 1000 person to ask this but tren/test currently started week 3 of test e at 500mg planning to start tren ace in about 10-12 days that being said shuld i keep test @500mg or lower it?

Ill be starting tren 40mg eod week 1 see how I handle it bump it to 80mg eod even at 80mg eod ill still be under test dose 1 week if I stick to 250mg test and tren 240mg/320mg another week is this ok or keep it at 500mg test 240/320mg tren? Since tren is 5x anabolic im assuming its ok but want your feedback.

Ps gear is from world pharma

Thank you for any input.

Cycle layout

Wk1-15 test e 500mg
Wk2-15 Armosian 12.5mg eod
Wk2-15 hcg 500iu ew
wk5-12 Tren ace 40mg,80mg eod(first time)
wk5-12 caber .5mg e3d
Wk11-15 winny 50mged (maybe)
pct wk 18-22 clomid 100/50/50/25 aromisan 25/25/12.5/12.5