VIP Customers & Reward point program

We have been thinking a lot about how to give you better service and how to thank you for the fact that you become loyal to our (your) website.

That way, we have created two programs that, at the end, are totally linked to one another.


So its simple, and nice. There is nothing you have to do in order to get the benefits from this program.

OK, this is not totally the truth... In order to take those benefits, you just need to buy from us!

Each product you buy will get you reward points that will be added to your account.

When you enter each product, you will see three important details:

Reward points:

Those Reward points will be added to your account. You can alway check how much points you have available by clicking on My account / My reward points. Do not panic if you dont see them available the minute you place your order, as they will be automatically added to your account once your order is being shipped.

Also in each product you will be able to see more details:

Price in reward points:

That Price in reward point are the amount of points you need in order to get this product for free.

When you want to use your Reward Points to pay your order, once you have choosen all the products you want, click on Shopping Cart and there you will be able to use them. You can use all the points you have or just the ones you want to.

We really hope you will enjoy this new program.


We will consider VIP customers all those customers that spend more than 750 USD in a period of 6 months. After that, they will be included in the program for 3 months. If any customer spends 750 USD in 6 months, they will be considered VIP customers for the next 6 months.

As VIP customers there would be some special benefits like this:

They will receive more reward points for each product than a regular customer.
They will be able to see special discounts on some specific products.
In some cases, they will be able to see a free shipping option.
They will receive a birthday gift from us!

Those are just some of the benefits of becoming a VIP customer.

We hope you will enjoy this new program and that you take advantage of it.