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AUCTION Pharma Grade Caber, Proviorn, T3

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    AUCTION Pharma Grade Caber, Proviorn, T3

    20 tabs of Cabaser 1mg
    200 tabs of Proviron 25mg
    200 tabs of Tiromel (T3) 25mcg

    The auction starts at 200 USD
    Shipping is Free
    Please bid in increments of not less than 1 USD

    Winner will be given an opportunity to add other items to this auction order
    Auction Ends on the 15th of April at 16:00 EST
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    whatever your motive im cool with , i got no flys on me and ill throw my dukes up anywhere, shit i been in flip flops over highside in a shower fighting off attackers, Dannie can roll with the punches, hahaha its all good
    big dawg Dannie

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