Hey guys I am seeking some advice. I am 30 year old, been training for 12 years diet has always been in check. I have always been against the use of this type of supplement. However I want to put on a little bit of size. Hopefully maintain 5 to 10 kgs. I am naturally an ectomorph and have worked really hard to maintain my current weight of 85kgs.

I am going to do a test e cycle 500 mg per week. My source has given me advice. However from the research I have been doing I am finding much of the information contradicting and what my source is telling me wrong.

I can get 5000 iu of hcg, enough test for the 12 weeks, nova and clomid.

Now with the questions when should you start the hcg and when should you finish the hcg? My source is going on about using it as a power pct at the end. However from my research I have found you should use it about week 5 to keep the boys in check. What do u suggest? Any help would be great.

my source is saying that he uses nova only as pct? Is this enough? And how long after last test/hcg pin do you start the pct.

Thank you in advance. Any feedback will be great. I am not defiantly going ahead with the cycle, but what to know as much as I can before I decide on anything. Thank you