i did a double stack cycle and used revolution pct afterwards and started a quadstack after my 2 week pct because apparently i was told its completely find to slam yourself into lots of pro hormones.
anyway im halfway through my quadstack and am just now finding out what a serm is.
my local gnc, nutrition and supplement stores never heard about a serm and the location i got my two bottles of prohormones made me feel i was making up words.
my whole first cycle i was never told to get a liver support until i looked it up online :/.

so far my whole experience with prohormones and supplements has been pretty shitty and HIGHLY expensive in store. ive learned quite a bit about muscle building the past 3 months, but all in the wrong order i should have learned. i believe that people like me fucking up their health because of poor knowledge received from is part of the reason these things are looked down upon.

anyway im looking towards getting a vial of clomiphene and temoxifen along with a pct.
if you would recommend anything else please tell, i need to order this soon.