You select few have to chill the f**k out...;
You'd appreciate the speed if you knew how long it USED to take not too long ago;

Anyone remember waiting 1-2 months just to receive an incomplete DVD order with some other places?
Well I do; a few days (being the average duration) is effing gold compared to how long it took, & how frustrating it was to get bunk jugs, or tabs here, & there;

& back then, NOBODY gave a shit about you, nobody was there to fix it, & make it right, unlike the present situation, where you literally get compensation twice that of the original value, if something happens;

Plus with the pricing on the DVD's, are you really going to post 12 threads all about your hesitance to place an order due to an inability to trust impulsively?? It's what the lot of us have to deal with, a leap of faith;

You complain after a few days of waiting, yet you wouldn't do it with Ebay, or Amazon...nobody can control the duration of time it takes after departure, but hell, when has it really ever taken long for anybody????

Stop taking it for granted.