Hey guys,

I have a ton of gear from many different sponsors. I also have had whole bunch of various AMA products on hand for months but just decided to run an all AMA short ester blast for 8 weeks before I begin running some long esters.

I love this cycle so much that I may extend it to at least 10 weeks. Preferably 12 if I can get more ... Hint hint.

I'm 4 weeks into:

Test prop - 100mg 5 x wk
NPP - 100mg 5 x wk
Masteron prop - 100mg 5 x wk
Anavar - 60mg ed

This may be my absolute favorite cycle ever and I love all of these products from AMA.

I have zero pip and I'm shooting 3ml into each location. I would shoot every day but I need to rest some locations. I can only shoot 3ml's into a few spots.

My Strength is incredible and I'm getting Leaner everyday with veins bigger then some guys arms. As the the scale creeps up, not too mention. And just feeling great all around.

I will run the same compounds the last 4-6 weeks of the long ester cycle except I'm replacing the NPP with tren ace. I'll see... I just love NPP.

NPP is definitely one of my favorite compounds and I love AMA's. I just hope that whatever they decide to do that I'm considered, because I cannot imagine not having access to this gear.

I'm really pissed that I waited so long to use these products.

Thanks guys.