A short time ago LG offered a few guys 2 bottles of Test e for free and of course I jumped at the offer ... I made a promise I wasnt able to keep and its really bothering me .. 1st of all I want to APOLOGIZE to my man LG who never said anything to me about it and has been truly a real good dude and a great rep for CLEAN and CLEAR 2nd I feel i received these 2 bottles with all good intentions to live up to my end but personal circumstances kept me from living up to my end . SOMEBODY ELSE DESERVED THIS OFFER AND I WANT TO MAKE SURE SOMEBODY ELSE GETS IT . If LG would be so kind as to pick a solid vet here to receive this top quality gear I WILL GLADLY PAY FOR 2 BOTTLES . I have been feeling bad for a cpl weeks now and my reputation means alot to me here with all the members ...I want to feel good again lol . LG thanks for understanding when I PM'd you but it doesnt make things right . Pick a solid dude and let me fix it please .

Thanks bro