New AMA Ordering Process

There has been some confusion as to what is happening with AMA. Hopefully this clears it up. I will bump this daily for a bit to make sure everyone sees it.

- There is no more site ordering. The site had been put on hold.

- Orders will now be placed by email only.

- Email to receive an updated list (This email address will be used only for list distribution. You will not receive replies other than lists from here)


- The Vip program is on hold for now. We have a long list of VIPs and long time valued customers. They have earned that status and they will be receiving an email regarding their status with us. Most should have recieved that by now. If you are a long time customer and feel you should have received that email send us a msg or email and we will look at your standing.

- Current site orders are being processed as normal.

Hope this helps.