Howdy! I just started my first peptide journey and I enjoy cycling (Road or MTN). So far the work and diet have always been strong but now that I have added peptides in the mix my muscle gain has been great! I trimmed up way faster than I have in previous years which I know is easy for me since I stay around 155-150. With the peptides though it seemed to really improve my trimming. Right now I am using IP & CJC-1295 with Semorelin when the days I'm just resting. I take the IP CJC combo always post workout and the recoveries have been great. I have been on a natural test sup, but I was hoping someone on the board could recommend a great testosterone supplement that is proven to work. The on I am using is "Beast", maybe this one isn't the greatest but it was a start for me. I am 33 about to be 34, 6'2" and stay around 150-155. I would love to be a trim 155 with 5lbs of pure muscle. Any help with improvement of muscle gain, recovery and cardio improvement would be greatly appreciated. And just for the record my diet is great I have never struggled with eating healthy and really I try to stay on top of my protein intake daily and keep my glycogen levels topped off always.