Age: 29
Height: 5, 11
Weight: currently 94kgs was 104kgs 2 months ago
Bf: 12%
Currently on my 6th cycle have used sus, deca, tren e, test e, dbol eq.
Current cycle is
Weeks 1-6 test e @ 1000mcg
Eq @ 750mcg
Week 6- 13 (week 8 atm)
Test e @ 250mcg
Eq @ 500mcg
Tren e @ 400mcg
Anavar @ 40mcg ed
T3 @ 50mcg ed
Tamax @ 40mcg ed
Clen @ 80mcg 2 days on 2 off
Diet: meal 1 half cup oats 1 cup egg whites
Meal 2-4 250g of chicken and broccoli or fish and asparagus
Will be sticking to fish and asparagus for these last 5 weeks
L carnatine before training drinking bcaas during then my protein shake(40grams of protein) right after I finish weights.
Training history, have been associated with gyms/ pts for the last 10 years but only the last 3-4 have I been serious starting aas use and researching pro bbers etc.
Deadlift pb 225kg
Squat 205kg
Leg press 600kgs
Bench press 120kgs
Train 4-5x a week focusing on larger muscle groups and isolating. Fasted cardio in the morning and cardio at night before bed
Goals: come in as lean as I can while maintaining as much muscle mass
Questions. This is the first competition ive done so any kind of info would be appreciated as far as dosages etc or if I should drop any thanks in advance.