Ordered product, delivered within 10 days to CANADA (aka Great White North). I posted some questions, seeking advice...no response?!?!? I understand its not for human use but I need to know doses for my lab rat! Probably wont order again.

I have had other sources who responded fast an put a stop to negative talk. In my experience when they don't respond quickly, they then respond angry...blaming.

In all honesty I will speak to the product not the service...it is kind of a grey area....I know!!

My rat is using 1ml a day of clom...looks like taste is bad...but not horrible...he was using test cyp (legend Pharmaceuticals) 1.5 twice a week and 5 10 mg Blkn Parm DBOL a day!

Great products all around and my RAT party rocked!!! Honestly Bench went up

Weight 212 start
Now 217 to 223

6ft thin wrist and structure

Before bench 275 x 3 to 4
After 315 3 to 4

Before Deadlift 405 x 5
After 405 x 8

Energy is higher all exercises are up at least 15 percent...

I was not going to post my rats feelings..ie energy! But one day jacked of 3 times!! Lie highschool ddude!!
He had previously had British Dragon CYP..then he tried this and wow!!

The test appeared like it came crashed..but it was the coldest winter in Ontario in 35 years! I took the advice of moderators...shake it..first warmed it up with hands...then warm water in the sink, then a hair dryer!! Very Smooth injection for him!

It worked hang in there!!