I often read a lot of Steroids Boards. Day by day there are more and more topics/posts like "tren year round use", made by ordinary gym rats. And they don't say about 100mg week, but of course 500mg+ for 12 months.

If you ask any average comptetitor ( Pro or Amatour ) about his Tren use, he will tell about about use it only 8-12 weeks before competition. I think none of Pros or Amatours have used to take it in off-season and cutting time both ( i mean year round, without break )...

So what is causing that gym rats are able to keep it year round in moderate/high dose, often without a lot of sides and health problems...? Is toxic of Tren overrated and a lot of BBrs lie and use Tren long time too? ???

Anyone on this Forum is able ( or was able when was younger ;D ) to stay with Tren longer time...?