All I wanna do is sleep! Even if I get 8+ hours that previous night, I still want to take naps and have lost massive amounts of energy. I was sooo excited for this cycle, too. Been almost a month now @ 400mg Tren E and 250mg Test E per week. 4IU HGH, 75mg Proviron, 20mg GW and 25mg MK per day. Caber and HCG taken twice a week on inject days. Everything else on hand just in case needed. Obviously it's the HGH (or so I'm assuming) and it's been several years since I've used it but I don't remember feeling tired at all back then. Is this something my body will adjust to, or should I maybe lower the dose a bit, or do I just need to either toughen it out or stop usage? I took a 3 hour nap today because I couldn't keep my freakin eyes open, and that was after sleeping for 9 hours last night! Wtf?