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    Road To the Arnold


    Below is my Roadmap to compete in the Arnold Classic next year. Working hard, and have achieved a lot in my sport. Come a long long way, especially considering I am relatively new to the sport. I have only been power lifting for a year, but I have of course always "worked out"

    Next year I plan to compete in the Arnold Classic. I plan to compete in the Bench Only and the XPC Bench bash. I also hope to be able to qualify for a full meet. Either way this is a hell of an accomplishment. Few have achieved my level of pressing ability and over the next year I hope to really accomplish a lot.

    XPC Qualifying Totals can be found:

    I am qualified as a Pro Lifter, so to make qualifications I will need to bench the following:
    445lbs at 198lbs bodyweight.
    495lbs at 220lbs bodyweight.

    I hope to accomplish one of these in June, but in truth I will bench over 445 this April... however my current Bodyweight is 215lbs.

    To qualify for full power I will need to make the following totals.
    1675lbs at 198lbs bodyweight.
    1760 at 220lbs bodyweight.

    A slow slow grind will get me there.

    In truth I will be BLESSED if I can compete among the very best in the world in bench press this next Arnold...

    Currently I am well lined up to smash a 445lbs bench this April. I compete again in June and will try to smash that 445 at 198...

    In the above video last week I smashed 430lbs for 3 reps with a buffalo bar (which is much harder than a normal bar due to increased ROM).

    I am truly blessed and hope I can keep my training honed in and compete at the Arnold Classic next year with the best pressers in the world.

    Thanks for EVERYONE'S support.

    My Prior competition totals can be found at:

    And in an overall, across ALL federations in the USA I am ranked 27th place in bench...
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