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AMA 2014 Transformation Log~heavyiron

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    AMA 2014 Transformation Log~heavyiron


    230 lbs
    Mid forties
    About 6'1"

    I have been dieting and hammering away for the last 3-4 months. I rejoined a gym in December 2013 and completely changed my look but now I want to take things to the next level. Accountability and discussion is always good for me when trying to reach my goals so I decided to start a log.

    to get shredded.

    Since I just came off a cut I went up on my macro's and reduced my cardio to give myself a bit of a break from the monotony of dieting and training. I will resume the cut around the 1st of April after I get labs and see what the damage is from this latest blast. My labs last week had various elevations that look a bit troubling so I'm repeating labs without training as muscle breakdown from weight training skews liver and kidney markers. I had trained legs the night before the labs and that likely contributed to out of whack markers.

    is a 4 day setup

    Wednesday- Arms
    Saturday-Chest and shoulders

    3 times per week for 30 minutes. I'll add more cardio soon.

    is a carb cycle. Training days are higher, non training is lower, Saturday is a load, cheat is Wednesday night. My "meals" are a bit unusual at times as you will see.


    Testosterone, fill the pin a few times per week and pin. sometimes more, sometimes less. I probably average around a gram or so per week but some weeks might be 300 mg and others 2 grams. Adex or Nolva almost daily. Not much else at the moment except the occasional Xanax at night or maybe some Cialis. I'm not real consistent with my meds. I fine tune this the last few weeks of a cut but since you can cut on almost any steroid I just keep it simple until it needs to be complicated.This last week was 300 mg Test E. I stopped drinking a few days ago and quit the benzo's. I feel mortal at these T levels.

    I went low carb today after yesterdays carb load. The load yesterday actually started Friday night. I consumed a whopping 1,400 carbs from Friday night to Saturday night. I was pretty full at the end of the night.

    Today's Dinner below

    Lean beef and cabbage with hummus and diet green tea.

    I'm looking forward to logging with you guys and thanks to AMA for hosting this challenge!
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