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KelJu's AMA 2014 Transformation Contest Log

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    KelJu's AMA 2014 Transformation Contest Log

    Age: 31
    Height: 6'2
    Weight: 225

    Basically, I am feeling kind of fat and gross. However, I am at least tanned, fat and gross now. If I can drop to a BF% where I can see my abs, I will probably go hairless. This contest came along just at the right time, because I needed something to help me focus. Anytime my strength level doesn't increase, I get emo and start stuffing my face. I have to quit that shit, and realize that I can't always fucking cut and get stronger at the same time.

    I just finished a very light 10 week cycle of 100mg tren / 100mg test / 100 deca per week. I saw fantastic gains off of it. I think because I had all of my bases covered. In a few days I will start my second cycle which is just slightly more than the last: 200mg tren / 100mg test / 100mg deca per week.

    I am currently taking 100mcg of ghrp-2 + cjc1295 no dac 2 to 4 times a day depending on whether it is a training day or an off day. My diet must be dialed back in. I plan to log my food intake more diligently from here on out.

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