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Beard could use a trim. (AMA 2014 Transformation)

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    Beard could use a trim. (AMA 2014 Transformation)

    Warning: Shitty pics lie ahead.

    25 years
    205.4 lbs
    23.8% bf (according to my Omron)
    Recreationally trained since high school, basically back into the game with a goal as of now, although I've been hitting the gym irregularly the last six months or so.

    In case you couldn't imagine, this is gonna be a cut.

    Power Hypertrophy Adaptive Training (PHAT routine by Layne Norton )
    He's whatever (awesome physique, tho) but its a fairly good routine that hits all muscle groups twice a week and includes some heavy days and some volume days. I will not be using the exact exercises in the routine but I'm gonna follow the basic format. I have a very active job and am gonna include roughly 20 mins of LISS cardio every workout after lifting til it gets consistently nice enough to run outside here, then probably do 3 20-30 minute runs a week.

    PHAT overview
    Day 1: Upper Body Power
    Day 2: Lower Body Power
    Day 3: Rest
    Day 4: Back and Shoulders Hypertrophy
    Day 5: Lower Body Hypertrophy
    Day 6: Chest and Arms Hypertrophy
    Day 7: Rest

    Under review and construction

    125 mg E3D AMA's test E
    60 mcg CEM T3 ED in one dose at night
    12.5 mg AMA aromasin ED in one dose at night (chasing some gyno)
    50 mg MJR raloxifene ED split in two doses (see above)

    Here's the promised shitty pictures. Sorry for the crappy lighting and taking it in a dressing room. I don't have a full length mirror at home.

    I am a full time student. I went back to school last year to pursue a doctorate in ecology/conservation biology, although at this point I am at a two year institution working on my pre-reqs for transfer to a four year institution. I'm actually working on my transfer application tonight. I'm taking Ochem, Calc and doing independent research as well in addition to volunteering at a couple places a week and working 35-40 hours a week. I don't have much fun haha.

    I went in for a few tests early this year due to extreme lethargy and depression. I did some blood tests, suspecting low testosterone, and several tests confirmed my suspicions. I was somewhere in the realm of 300 ng/dL, although I'll upload my bloods at a later time. I tried to do an HPTA restart using nolva and clomid for about a month but that didn't get me anywhere. I talked to my GP, and we did discuss an SSRI, which I declined, and he declined my request to look into TRT even after I showed him some private bloods and he ran some bloods himself. Enter AMA. 125mg E3D of test e and I'm more vigorous, have an easier time in class, actually want to have sex again. Basically changed my life. So here I am. Let's do this damn thing.
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