Testosterone propionate vs trenbolone acetate on rats :


It's in german, but it's not very difficult to understand. (see graph and table)

Testosterone vs nandrolone on humans (on paper, nandrolone is little bit more anabolic than test) :


I am going to quote the last article :

"Anabolic steroids are made for use in small quantities. If you go for higher dosages, many of the positive characteristics no longer apply. In that case old-fashioned testosterone turns out to be more effective - and maybe also less risky."

I personnally do not agree with the less risky (see the prostate graph...)

Maybe stacking change things (Test + Tren VS High Test), maybe the lack of estrogen change things, but it seems that, on rats, high dose test > high dose tren or high dose nandrolone in terms of anabolic potency. Tren seems safer on the prostate...