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Alpha Pharma Sust and Deca review and Training log

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    Alpha Pharma Sust and Deca review and Training log

    Started my AP sust and deca run bout 10 days ago but wanted to give lil time for it to work into my body before I posted . I was running Test E and Deca already so I switched the Test e from 1200 mgs a week to Alpha Pharma sust at 1 sust ED and 500 mgs deca a week . The deca I will be ending in another week or so and switch with something else . Most likely parabolin . So after 10 days on the Sust I can give at least some sort of feed back . 1st smooth and pain free as possibly can be . I felt the prop working almost right away . Loaded up first day with 500 mgs and waited a day and since then everyday after the wait day Ive been pinning 1 sust a day and will continue that way for the time being . I havnt done sust in over 10 years . As far as feeling a difference in the gear > I can say for sure there is something else going on for sure .Which most likely is the fast acting prop . My workouts have gotten more intense simply because I know Im on new gear so it kinda gave me that fresh excited approach to my training . At this point all my training has been goin great already and keeps improving . Obviously Im not saying 10 days later I feel like this gear is taking me to levels . I EXPECT IT TO THOUGH . Just not so fast . The test E should slowly be leaving my system so the next couple of weeks will be key for me as far as whats going on with this sust ... Up till this point I honestly am Having great workouts and am Mentally having 1 intense and focused training session 1 right after the other . Will post from time to time and not every day unless I have something to say ( good or bad ) but right now Im king of the fucking hill and only expecting for things to continue to improve .
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