Ok...so after a month of disarray i'm gonna give this a go again

yesterday my diet was nailed..and I was rewarded by being down two lbs this morning. This is no surprise because I haven't done shit and have been eating pure junk for the last month. Luckily my body comp isn't too wildly different.
so I'm sitting at 170 lbs for the start of this log.

last nights workout

22kg kettlebell (2) split squats 3x12..crippling, my left leg is really weak and lacking appropriate balance
prone hamstring curls 40lbs- 3x15
pre-loaded straight barbell curtsy lunges 40lbs 3x20
smith stationary lunges 2x25 lb plates 3x20

some floor work stuff involving medicine balls thats really core work more than anything ..don't know the names of any of it..and it would take too long to explain.

35min spin bike intervals
gym was really packed with dickheads last night including this new douche that sits and chats with bros IN the good squat rack..I'd like to kick his face
douche dude decided to throw a medicine ball at the ball over where I was stretching out on the floor..Im not even making this up. I hate this guy.

I honestly could barely walk or breathe after this work out ..and had a srsly hard time driving my jeep home

not using any gears at the moment..on my scripted dose of thyroid meds
this will change once I hit a certain bf. I want to make a wild diff over the next 8 weeks.