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Short and Sweet Cycle. Test Cyp & Tren Ace

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    Cool Short and Sweet Cycle. Test Cyp & Tren Ace

    I am going to start a cycle of Tren Ace and Test Cyp for 8/10 weeks

    Week 1-10 Test Cyp 300mg Week (Inject Mon & Thurs)
    Week 2-3 Tren Ace 35mg EOD (To see if any early sides)
    Week 3-9 Tren Ace 50mg EOD
    week 12-15 PCT

    My goals are for bulking and strength. Im not worried about cutting right now. I have taken 3 cycles of TEST only 500mg week with good gains and strength. I decided to step it up a little and get the full effect of hardness and more mass.

    STATS: 28yr 6'3 280lb lifting hard for last 4 years off and on for last 12. I know I am going to catch crap because of my weight but I am not worried about numbers on weight just how I feel and look in mirror. I have lost around 10-15 lbs fat/water after Test only cycles while keeping 90% strength and lean muscle mass.

    Any and All info is greatly apprectiated!!!

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    Maybe wait another week or two to start PCT so your levels drop below normal. There was a good radio interview recently that has made it's way around the forums that may be helpful to listen to. That being said, everybody reacts differently, so stick with what has worked for you in the past.

    As others will chime in, I'm sure, Tren is a SOB, but you're approaching it right by using Ace and keeping the dosage a bit lower to start.

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    I think you need at least get to 75mg or 100mg of TA eod somewhere in that cycle and maybe drop test to like 200. That's how Id run it. Yours isn't wrong, but if your using the tren get the most out of it. Good luck

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    ^^ sounds solid there, if your gonna do the work might as well get the most from it

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