I am going to start a cycle of Tren Ace and Test Cyp for 8/10 weeks

Week 1-10 Test Cyp 300mg Week (Inject Mon & Thurs)
Week 2-3 Tren Ace 35mg EOD (To see if any early sides)
Week 3-9 Tren Ace 50mg EOD
week 12-15 PCT

My goals are for bulking and strength. Im not worried about cutting right now. I have taken 3 cycles of TEST only 500mg week with good gains and strength. I decided to step it up a little and get the full effect of hardness and more mass.

STATS: 28yr 6'3 280lb lifting hard for last 4 years off and on for last 12. I know I am going to catch crap because of my weight but I am not worried about numbers on weight just how I feel and look in mirror. I have lost around 10-15 lbs fat/water after Test only cycles while keeping 90% strength and lean muscle mass.

Any and All info is greatly apprectiated!!!