well ive had many cycles under my belt with great success and good pct regimines but now after being off for well over a year my doc has put me on 1cc of test cyp every 2 weeks. I split it so I could stay level by taking half dose every week. after about 3 months I developed small gyno lump on my left nipple. sore to the touch but not visible. ive had it before but had good RC's to combat it. doc said to use warm compresses to aliviate soreness and lump will subside. im trying to stay legal and hoped he would give me something for it but he hasn't. what yall say I should do. im kinda wanting to say screw it and add some anavar and AI"s to blast and cruise just not real sure how I want to handle it yet. 38yrs old.6'0, 200lbs, healthy, and around 18% bf.