I am not speaking to the vets, unless this applies to you but lets try these two things: 1) Preplanning, plan out your cycle and if you are in some type of time crunch, running low, leaving town, order in plenty of time to receive your stuff. If you haven't read a million times already, this is the busy season. 2) Patience, its just that simple! I receive to many PM's about hey, I just ordered a minute ago and its not here, can you check on it for me. We dont have fairies that drop off your order when you push ENTER. Usually these are the same ones that once they received their order they send another PM the next week saying they are on a cycle of Test E and Deca and they haven't gained the 25lbs they were shooting for. Patience, I mean really, is it that hard to understand? ....ok, enough of that, just had to get that out. Props to all my bros out there in the POUND doing the damn thing! Keep growing!!