I am 26, 5'6, 165lb, bf around 11%. This is my 3rd cycle and I am 5 and a half weeks in. So far it has been like this

Weeks 1-10 400mg Tren E/week 4x a week
Weeks 1-10 250mg Test E/week 4x a week
Weeks 1-10 400mg Mast E/week 4x a week
Weeks 3-8 60mg Tbol daily

(these are split up into 1/4ths to take with injections)
Weeks 1-10 1mg Arimidex per week
Weeks 1-10 1mg Caber per week

HCG 2 weeks off 2 weeks on 250iu 4x a week

I have some water retention so I thought the estro might be a bit on the high side but when I just got the bloods back my estro went from 19.1 to 383.2. But I do not have any gyno or anything but some water retention.

My ALT (SGPT) went from 15 to 103. I have not been taking any liver support.

I have a ton of adex, aromasin, and letro on hand so I can up the dose or change to another AI if needed. Any suggjestions to get that estro back down, and should I come of the tbol early or get some liv52?