what u thing about
Test prop, Tren A, Mast p, Primo E, Halo.
low Dosage
prop tren mast 50-100eod. Primo 200 - 600 e5d, halo 10 - 30 ed 4- 6w
AI only when needed Letrozole or better Exemestane? 12.5mg eod reduce till 2,5eod
12w cycle
what u thing start with test p.+primo only about 8 weeks then stack tren + mast for 12 weeks+
the halos on start with test p & primo or to the end of cycle?
(real) hALOs running 4-6 w with liv.52
what about hcg needed?? 2x500 week starting 4-5 w after cycle beginn until a few days before begin pct start.
pct 4 w.
Nolva 20/20/10/10
Clomid 50/50/25/25

if wallet carry will add gh for six month 2-4iue but dont carry only what u thinking about as additional kick?
what u thing

stats male 35 260lbs.
training combat sports and lifing

thx for support