Im "crusing" on 300mg Test E and 300mg Mast E /week. Im about 205, 5-10, abs are showing but not what need to be. Goals are cut/recomp cycle. I dont need to cut heavy amount of weight, just 10-15lbs at most and bring out detail.

Ive chosen to use MLG labs, a friend of mine recomended them. I had never heard about them before, but started some research and turns out they are decently popular. I emailed them and they got back to me quick. From what i can tell about them, as they offer what they call "simple list", its a small operation which is perfect for me.

Im stuck on deciding on gear. I am on a budget.....I cant decide on between low test (my current dose) + 75-100mg tren ace ed, or low test + low deca(300mg/week?) + winstrol 100mg ed 6weeks?. I have question marks because i am uncertain of how strong the gear is. Recently i was doing "200mg" tren ace EVERY DAY lol, no need to say it was fake....

Any input from guys that have used MLG compounds would be great ! Thanks guys