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contest winnings and more TD

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    contest winnings and more TD

    I recently won the SteelGear Steak and BJ Day picture contest held by Dannie the rep for SG. I had won 10ml of Roid+ Test 250, and 30 Roid+ Viagre. Dannie asked me if there was anything else I may be interested in and wanted to add to the barely filled envelope. So I added 2x Ventolin 200 tabs total, 5x Roid+ T-bol 150 tabs total, and 1x Iran Hormones Oxymethalone 50tabs total. My package arrived (amazing T/A for international pack) I was surprised with 50 extra oxmetholone tabs. Thank you guys. Dannie is one hell of a rep as he kept me updated on my pack during shipping. I have always had excellent experiences when ordering from Dannie and SG.

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    Thanks for the kind words lilbigjohn.
    lilbigjohn is a new member here, hence he can't post pictures - here is a TD picture of the winnings he posted on ASF.
    whatever your motive im cool with , i got no flys on me and ill throw my dukes up anywhere, shit i been in flip flops over highside in a shower fighting off attackers, Dannie can roll with the punches, hahaha its all good
    big dawg Dannie

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