Studies have shown if you use only .125mcg/ kg, so only 12.5 mcg hexarelin(I'm researching 25mcg so one vial lasts a month), stack it with saturation dose of GHRH(100mcg cjc-1295 no dac/mod grf(1-29)), it results in a massive hgh release and no cortisol release. This comes from the pubmed study link posted at the bottom:

" The coadministration of GHRH-(1-29)-NH2 (1.0 microgram/kg) and low dose hexarelin (0.125 microgram/kg) resulted in massive GH release (115 +/- 32.8 mU/L), a moderate rise in serum PRL (84.9 +/- 27.5%), and no rise in serum cortisol."

Serum hgh went up over 140. Try to get that from Chinese hgh. It peaks at 2 hours via iv administration and hgh remains elevated for four hours. Sub-Q is still a very viable route of administration giving 77% absorption.

I research 200mcg huperzine A a half hour before administering 25mcg hexarelin and 100mcg cjc no dac. I do this 3 times a day. The results have been impressive. vascularity pops out upon administration and a head rush follows letting you know how powerful it is. This combination is the very strongest gh peptide combo, and very affordable due to the micro dose of the hexarelin.