Ok so HeavyIron and IronMagLabs was nice enough to send me a bottle of OSTA-RX to log for 30 days.

I am currently on HRT 200mg of TEST CYP 1x week and .5mg adex EOD (for some reason my awesome genetics make me produce estrogen above the norm). Only other supps are creatine mono, beta alanine and whey protein.

Today when i received my bottle in the mail i took 2 caps and went and did 20mins of abs, 20mins of HIIT cardio on the elliptical machine and 10 mins LISS walking on an incline, didn't notice anything but it was my first dose. My goals are to Maintain as much mass as possible as i lean out over the next 30 days doing a carb cycling diet with weekly to bi-weekly refeeds depending on how flat i am looking. I am currently at 6'3'' tall 249lbs. somewhere between 12%-15% B.F.

I am dosing the OSTA-RX at 1 cap 3x daily spread out AM, NOON, PM.