- Powerful Pro-Anabolic Compound
- Increases Lean Muscle Mass
- Increases Strength & Endurance
- Promotes Fat Loss
- Promotes Recovery
- Increases Libido

I've been wanting to try out this product for a while and now I'm getting to. Heavy sent me a bottle and I received it today(Thank you), I've already taken 2 caps and plan on hitting the gym within the next hour.

I haven't been on any gear since early October, and don't plan on going back on anytime soon. My goals for osta-rx are gain some strength, especially my bench numbers and adding as much lean mass as possible.

My squat and deadlift are in the 400s while my bench is still in the mid 200s. I'd like to be repping 225x20 or so by the end of this.

I plan on getting some bloodwork this week to see where my levels are at. I haven't checked since being off any gear but I'm pretty sure they're back around where I was before. In the 400s, fucking natty levels son....


10-15% BF estimated, some days I feel shredded/full and other days I feel flat as nicole richies ass.

My diet is usually pretty clean, but I do eat out for lunch and sometimes it's not always so good. I try to get around 250g protein/day and most days I keep carbs somewhat low, until after training on training days. Nontraining days I keep them low.

I will try to update as much as possible, hoping for some raging hardons as well <3