I have to give a shout out to Heavy Iron for giving me this opportunity to log one of IronMagLabs great products. This will be my first log and will officially start tomorrow, for now I will give you my stats, current workout routine and supplements I am on.

1. 6'-2", 225lbs, 14.7% BF, and am 43 years young.

2. I work 2 days on 2 days off (shift work) so my workouts will be on days off. I like to keep my training simple but very intense, variations are adding some drop sets here and their, some 21's for arms and some negatives to really break those muscles down.

3. TRT(200mg/wk), Fish oil, CoQ10, MSM, Hawthorne, multi vitamin and slow release (casein) protein shake twice a day. Diet is pretty clean could be better but for now not going to go into any ratios or macro's.

Wooohh..So far so good !!! I will do my best to post on all my workout days and let all you guys and gals know how this product performs... Oh yeah I am going to start with 2 caps per day and go from there....see yah soooonnn....