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Alpha-Pharma plus other gear from India.

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    Alpha-Pharma plus other gear from India.

    I was the first guy to get Alpha-Pharma in the whole USA. I got it from a now retired source who lived in Mumbai and was one of the founders of Alpha-Pharma. He also sold other Human grade gear. Everything in this picture is 100% real authentic AAS. There is some Jinan Trenax wich is hard to find tren these days,there are some real German remedies testoviron amps, have some real Organon Infar sustanon, AP-Parabolin, Ap-sust,AP everything-LOL. I must say I have been preaching how great Alpha-Pharma was since late 2005. I was there from the start and I still believe in this company. I know some jealous guys are counterfeiting AP these days but that always happens when a company gets successful. Everything in this picture is from the main guy in mUmbai and like I said everything is 100% authetic.

    I guess I can't post pictures but here is a link. Gald people can find Alpha-Pharma Domestic. I do not sell AAS just a old picture I have saved, This picture was taken 2 years ago.
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